What is Ar•Ya?

Ar•Ya® is the name of our brand named by it’s founder and entrepreneur Calvin Rieger. He liked the definition and meaning as well as how Ar•Ya sounds similar to “ahhh – yeeahhh”, very relaxing and save. Calvin wanted the name to sound as relaxing as the hammock. The Sanskrit meaning is “nobel & exhalted”.

The Ar•Ya® bamboo-based fabric is the perfect lightweight, strong, durable and long-lasting woven fabric for our beloved hammock  😉

We like to think of Ar•Ya®  as a state of mind, a method of being. Relax and enjoy life. “Ahhh – yeeahhh”

How does the Ar•Ya® Hammock compare to a nylon hammock?

The Ar•Ya® Hammock is a “double-wide” or “two-person” hammock, constructed with a newly developed purpose-driven fabric, that’s mostly made out of bamboo.

Each Ar•Ya® Hammock is handcrafted, triple stitched and checked for quality. With the included flat webbing ropes the Ar•Ya®  Hammock can support up to 700 pounds. The Ar•Ya® Hammock is machine washable and fast drying.

A nylon hammock will usually cost you somewhere in to $50 -$150 range for the hammock, and an additional $20-$30 on straps to hang it with. Most nylon hammocks top out around 400 pounds capacity and have one function – as a hammock.

Nylon hammocks are really great hangs, but compared to Ar•Ya® Hammocks:
– they have one usable panel vs our three for positioning yourself in the hammock
– nylon hammocks are stretchy an slick, Ar•Ya® is sturdy and not-so-slick
– when rain hits nylon it quickly hits you, Ar•Ya® is porous and fast drying, you don’t get wet
– nylon can be sticky in humid/wet/dew conditions; Ar•Ya® is never sticky
– nylon hammocks are single function devices, Ar•Ya® is designed to be multifunctional

We made a several videos comparing Ar•Ya® Hammocks to nylon hammocks, click here to see our YouTube channel for the goods.

The Ar•Ya® Hammock is just simply a great hammock. If you already love hammocks and have had a nylon style rig – the Ar•Ya® Hammock is the upgrade you’ve been waiting for.

How do I hang my Ar•Ya® Hammock?

Hanging your Ar•Ya® Hammock is simple, if you can tie your shoe you can hang this hammock. We made a short video to show you how, click here to watch now. Basically, approach a tree (or whatever) and run the right rope around the back of the tree from right to left, and the left rope from left to right. Pull the rope around to the front of the tree and “tie your shoes”. Done.

You can also use webbing extensions and carabiners for added length and/or even faster setups/takedowns. This method is also illustrated in the video, click here to watch now.

Is Ar•Ya® fabric washable?

Ar•Ya® fabric and hammocks are machine washable. Use the cold/cold settings on your machine. You may wash the flat webbing ropes but be aware they will have a tendency to get “fuzzy” over time. Some say that makes then ‘stickier’, maybe so. Its definitely less noisy without the ropes in the washing machine! Always wash your hammock by itself.

Where are Ar•Ya® Hammocks made?

Ar•Ya®fabric and Ar•Ya® Hammocks are made in Delhi, India, in a family owned textile factory. Our founder Calvin Rieger has spent extensive amounts of time in Delhi selecting and then working with textile developing facilities to get everything as close to perfect as possible. We have an Ar•Ya® staff member (Sourabh – the degreed philosopher in the crew) living in Delhi who is there to help whenever needed. We at Ar•Ya® are very much a family between multiple countries, and our customers become a part of that family.

Other big name hammocks on the market today are made in places like China, Indonesia, places that don’t have the best track record when it comes to manufacturing and labor practices. While we’re certain no modern hammock manufacturer would allow anything less than western standards etc, we at Ar•Ya® decided to remove any and all doubt about the working conditions and situations around the manufacturing of our products. While it is true we could make our hammocks for half the cost in one of these places, we would rather pay more and sell fewer hammocks. We know we are getting hand made one of a kind Ar•Ya® Hammocks each made with precision and care.

Ar•Ya is a lightweight, durable, and cozy material. The Ar•Ya Hammock is our multipurpose gravity-inspired take on the classic hammock.

Ar•Ya®Hammocks are designed to work with gravity for the best experience possible. Whether you are sleeping or just relaxing – the Ar•Ya® three panel design multiple ways to position yourself.

Ar•Ya® Hammocks expand to full size to serve as a picnic blanket, wind, sun or sand protection, and more. Two Ar•Ya® Hammocks can even been joined together via the loops along the sides.

Ar•Ya® Hammocks are machine washable, so have fun. Ar•Ya® fabric is strong, durable, light and cozy. With the included flat webbing straps Ar•Ya® Hammocks can support 700 pounds so jump in!

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What people say about Ar•Ya

“…a superior hammock that is not only affordable, but versatile, and damn comfy. If you are a current hammock owner, and wishing to upgrade, this is for you. This is what you’ve been wanting.” – Michael Peck

“The Ar•Ya hammock is unlike any other that I have used. The set up is super easy, the fabric is strong, soft and extremely comfortable, and the distinctive appearance helps me relax in style.” – Richmond Nairon

“Love my Ar•Ya! The fabric alone make this hammock special. Ar•Ya is extremely comfortable! That plus the strength, versatility (festy blanket/air chair), and easy set up make this hammock a “must have”. I see big things in Ar•Ya’s future. They’re on to something. Well done! Keep up the good work.” – Bryan Cottrell

In-depth Review

What does industry insider and author of The Ultimate Hang think about the Ar•Ya Hammock?

“The Ar•Ya has one of the best fabrics I’ve ever seen in a hammock.”

Read the full Ar•Ya Hammock review at theultimatehang.com!

“…this is a hammock you will treasure.”

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